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Vancouver International Jazz Festival

DIVAS FOR LIFE raised over $10 000 for Friends for Life during the Vancouver International Jazz Festival. Scroll down for all the event details.


Friends For Life Society
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A Benefit for Friends For Life During the Vancouver International Jazz Festival.

Zev's Restaurant and DIVAS FOR LIFE Producer Stevie Vallance combined their talents to benefit The Vancouver Friends For Life Society.

One DIVA a night continued to spread their magic at Zev's, where guests savored Chef Beck's stylized global cuisine in this intimate, elegant "New York cabaret " atmosphere. Three of the original Divas, plus three more brilliant vocalists, were accompanied by many of the city's top jazz musicians, including four evenings with pianist Michael Creber.

CD: "DIVAS FOR LIFE - Live at The Vogue!" will be launched during the Jazz Festival.
All proceeds go to Friends For Life.

The Divas made special guest appearances at each other's performances - including some "suprise sit ins". Many of citie's leading jazz radio Hosts including Paul Grant, Neil Ritche, John Pifer, & Rick Cluff graced the audience as their MC's for the evening.

Sunday, June 24 Jennifer Gasoi Trio James Forest (bass), Mike Kenney (piano) MC: DARRYL KLAUSE
Monday, June 25 Laura Crema Trio Tony Foster (piano), Danny Parker (bass) MC: RICK CLUFF
Tuesday, June 26 Karin Plato Trio Bob Murphy (piano), Kerry Galloway (bass) MC: PAUL GRANT
Wednesday, June 27 Stevie Vallance Trio Michael Creber (piano), Dave Guiney (bass) MC: CRAIG REISIINGER
Thursday, June 28 Christine Duncan Trio Miles Black (piano), Steve Holy (bass) MC: JOHN PIFER
Sunday, July 1 June Katz Trio Ross Taggart (piano), Chris Nelson (bass) MC: NEIL RITCHE

Zev's Restaurant - 1906 Haro Street (just west of Denman)


photos by James Loewen


Hazeldine Brennan

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