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"Divas for Life - Live At The Vogue!"... will rekindle anyone's love for that something special that great singers possess" -- John Beaudin, Shared Vision

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Recorded live at The Vogue Theatre, February 3, 2001

DIVAS: Laura Crema, Dee Daniels, Kate Hammett-Vaughan, Karin Plato, Stevie Vallance, Tammy Weis
Musicians: Graham Boyle (drums), Michael Creber (piano), Steve Holy (bass), Tom Keenlyside (sax & flute)

To purchase a "Divas For Life - Live At The Vogue!" CD, for $20.00 CAN, please contact: support@divasforlife.com

100% of "Divas For Life - Live At The Vogue!" proceeds are donated to The Vancouver Friends For Life Society

Song Order Composers Singers
God Bless the Child Arthur Herzog & Billie Holiday Dee Daniels
From this Moment On Cole Porter Laura Crema
Over the Rainbow Harold Arlen & EY Harburg Stevie Vallance
Hallelujah I Love Him So Ray Charles Tammy Weis
Beauty in the Rain Karin Plato Karin Plato
Here's to Life Artie Butler & Phyllis Molinary Divas
Blue Bossa Kenny Dorham Instrumental
This is New Kurt Weill & Ira Gershwin Kate Hammett-Vaughan
Put a Little Love in Your Heart Jackie DeShannon, Jimmy Holiday & Randy Myers Divas


John Beaudin
August 2001,
Shared Visions, Vancouver

Divas For Life-Live At The Vogue ! / Fusion 3

Before I heard this album I kind of had it with Divas. With the Pop princess Is there were rumours of cat fights temper tantrums way too many crazy crescendos and then there's Celine Dion. Her diatribes on having a baby alone were enough to turn anyone's stomach how she figured her ovaries were important to us is beyond me. This album is about artistic integrity not full-size egos it's about singing from the right place for the right reason and not competing with vocal gymnastics though any one of these local Jazz Divas has the range to threaten your glassware .

This benefit concert received unbelievable word of mouth before and especially after the show. With standing room only space in a packed Vogue theatre last February Divas Laura Crema, Dee Daniels, Kate Hammett-Vaughan, Karin Plato, Stevie Vallance and Tammy Weis delivered classic heart and soul-stompers all in the name of charity. Divas For Life was born after Stevie Vallance best friend Jane died of Cancer in June 2000. As Vallance says everyone should be able to relate as this age of Life threatening illness looms in the background of all our realities, we decided to offer what we know best-our voices to help raise money for those in need, in our own community. With a national tour in the works for spring Divas for Life will rekindle anyone's love for that special something that great singer's possess a breath-taking simplicity that makes it seem easy but we know better.

The album opens with Dee Daniels' confident sassy take on God Bless the Child, warning as good as the album is I found myself playing this one over and over. Daniels' full-bodied fiery range will have you shaking your head in awe. During the concert Laura Crema suffering from a nasty cold shivered backstage in her evening gown waiting for her turn and she made the best of it with a zippy cover of Cole Porter's From This Moment On. Stevie Vallance understated approach to Over the rainbow is one of the albums highlights and Tammy Weis who's easily one of the most underrated chauntese in this city shines on the well chosen Ray Charles number Hallelujah I love him so. Remember this was recorded in February and Karen Plato's self penned Vancouver weather inspired Beauty in the Rain has this modern sensibility that gives the album a touch of the new and Kate Hammett-Vaughan represents Kurt Weill and Ira Gershwin with the spacious lazy This is New. There are no weak links on this one thanks to superb musical direction from Pianist Michael Creber who was joined by Graham Boyle on Drums, Bassist Steve Holy and Tom Keenlyside with Sax. A very uplifting album for all the right reasons with all proceeds from sales going to Friends for Life.


DIVAS FOR LIFE - Live At The Vogue! ***

by Marke Andrews, June 2001, The Vancouver Sun

The successful benefit concert at the Vogue last February is now a CD... At the concert, six Vancouver based vocalists performed three songs each, plus two tunes as an ensemble; the disc retains the two ensemble numbers, a song from each, and an instrumental. Dee Daniels show-stopping 'God Bless the Child' opens the disc, and it's hard not to get a chill listening to this accomplished vocalist let it fly; Stevie Vallance does a polished job on 'Over the Rainbow', which has a strong saxaphone solo from Tom Keenlyside. Plato's all-Vancouver tune 'Beauty in the Rain' gives a lift to the blues structure, with Michale Creber playing great piano... Kate Hammett-Vaughan brings power to the words fo 'This Is New'. 'Here's to Life' is the better of the two ensemble tunes. Various members of the Divas perform individual concerts at the festival.


"DIVAS For Life was 'born' from the free-flowing spirit that comes from combining Gift with Giving. As this age of life threatening illness looms in the background of all of our realities, we decided to offer what we know best - our voices - to help raise money for those in need in our community."

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